Countryside Tours

The soul of the Khmer people is born from the ancient civilization that unifies our kingdom, but the heart of our people resides in the rice fields, the great Tonle Sap Lake and the storied Mekong River. We are, despite the development of the cities of Phnom Penh, Battambang and our own Siem Reap, a people of the land.

Surrounding the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat are the villages and fields of our farmers and to the south our fishermen. They live today, as our forefathers of 2,000 years did before them, by the rhythm of the sun. Before the heat of the day arrives, men and women head to the fields to plow the paddies and plant and harvest rice, grow a variety of vegetables, tend the cows and buffalo, and raise chickens, ducks and pigs. A tour of the countryside will introduce you to the bucolic scenes of our land that pictures fail to capture completely.

Our traditions and culture are wonderfully expressed with a visit to the village of Kroger Real. The hustle and bustle of farm life begins the day as vegetables and fruits are gathered and taken to market in Siem Reap or sold along the roadways. Village life appears simple on the surface, but because of our traditions that honor our ancestors and Buddhism which 98% of the people of the Kingdom follow there exists a deep rooted complexity in the lives of rural Cambodians. Here you will see traditional homes built of bamboo and thatch, and visit a Buddhist monastery and beautiful pagoda – the outward expression of the third side of the triangle that defines the Khmer people along with our ancient heritage and ties to the land.

We will visit a fish farm which mirrors the ponds left by the retreating waters of Tonle Sap Lake at the end of the rainy season. The natural migration of fish from the lake as the rice fields begin to flood in June provides an amazing variety of shrimp, crab, eels and other fish many miles from the lake when the waters recede as the dry season takes hold. Crocodile farms have also been developed and now provide skins for shoes and other clothing that are sold around the world. And if you ever wondered what crocodile meat tastes like, that can be arranged…and it is quite tasty!


(1pax) 53$ 10% off from two people.
  • Schedule
  • 7:30am-1:30pm
  • 12:00am-5:30pm
  • 25km
  • Cycling tour providing
  • English speaking Giude
  • Good quality bike
  • Cool beverage, towel, snack, lunch
  • Comfortable local fruits

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